Make a Difference

Make a Difference

There are over 90 000 different chemicals poured into our planet each day, less than 5% of them are really tested for environmental impact.  The ones that have been tested are coming up with some pretty scary results - many have been linked to chronic disease such as cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, weight, heart disease, osteoporosis, parkinsons .... the list is long.  Newborn babies are born with an average of 278 man made chemicals in their bloodstream - we are being slowly poisoned!

Each one of us has a chance to make a difference in how we treat our planet every day.  Every small change can make a significant impact.  Double the impact by telling a friend about what you are doing.


Small changes that you can make:

Start at home.  Choose products that are safer for your family and the world. Choose to reduce the toxins you are exposed to, and the toxins you throw away:

- use biodegradable cleaning materials

- avoid using pesticides / herbicides in your garden

- eat organic vegetables

- eat grassfed meat - is this not how animals should live?

- drink milk and dairy products from grassfed animals

- take regular holidays - reducing stress will help you be kinder to ourself & others

- recycle plastics, glass, paper, toys, clothes, shoes, electronics, batteries, light bulbs, building  materials.... don't just throw everything into the dump - if you can't use something, you can find someone who will

- if you don't want to take your plastic recycling to the dump, at least leave in on the pavement in a separate bag so those who make a living from scratching in bins for plastics dont have to scratch in your bin!

- save electricity - don't leave lights & appliances on unnecessarily

- save water - some parts of South Africa are in still severe drought

- donate a small amount of money each month to a charity of your choice who you see is really makeing a difference - uplifting people, saving our endagered plants and animals, saving lives... most people can afford R10 every month.  If EVERYONE gave R10 each month, our charities would be able to make a huge difference

- grow vegetables and fruit for yourself, or on the pavement for other who are hungry

- smile and laugh often - it is good for you, and mood is infectious - detoxify the grumps


Under each of these points there can be so many sub categories.  We welcome participation and discussion here.

Have an awesome day! :)









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